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As is the seed so is the fruit.

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As is the seed so is the fruit.

Let’s Become Messengers Of Love And Joy (Part 2)

2. Life is a rich collection of attainments which make us feel loved and give us an experience of joy. There are so many things in life – the people we spend our time with, our education, our physical health, our career, our personality, our wealth etc. Now happiness does not mean that all these things will always be perfect. In fact, it is the opposite. They will never be perfect. So, everyday talk to yourself positively and don’t absorb their negativity. On the other hand, make your nature divine and full of immense love and joy. In a world of uncertainity and ups and downs, God wants us to be messengers of love and joy for everyone. There are people who are more sorrowful than us and even less loved. Hold their hand with your care and support. While meeting people, always remember – I am a very special soul and full of love and joy, which is God’s invisible property which I have inherited from Him. I will remain stable in different scenes of life and help those who are unstable or disturbed by their negative scenes.

3. Create No Anger Zones in your workplace and home. There are offices in the corporate world where such zones have been created. In such places, positive thoughts are shared by email or through mobile phone chat or social media and everyone starts their day with messages on positivity, which lays the foundation of a positive day. Also, everyone remembers that they are in a No Anger Zone and it is displayed in some way to remind everyone. In such a zone, angry outbursts and over loud talk, aggressive behavior, revengeful behavior and negative talk about others are not allowed. This can be done in your office or in your home with children and other family members. Such zones will then become Zones of Love and Joy instead. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day 11-06-2019

As is the seed so is the fruit.

Expression: Several times we find things happening unexpectedly. Yet, there should be the understanding that nothing is unexpected or a matter of chance but everything depends on the seeds previously planted. When there is this understanding there is no passiveness but there is an ability to take responsibility and better the situation. 

Experience: Every thing I do has a deep significance and an importance for what I have to attain. When I understand this fact, I am able to make the most out of what I have. I am never discouraged by the negative results that I get today, nor do I take myself to a great height for the positive things that I get. I remain stable and make the best use of what I have. 

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