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Be free from desire and you’ll be free from anger too. 

Be free from desire and you’ll be free from anger too. 

Injustices And Suffering In The World – Applying The Law of Karma (Part 1)

We are presently living in a closely connected world where everyone knows what everyone else is doing, as they are doing it. Each day brings scenes and images, through the media, in front of us, of many apparent injustices and suffering of individuals or groups of individuals. Whether it’s in the office, or in the market or on the television news, we hear and see reports of people suffering tremendous pain and sorrow at the hands of others. At these moments, our sense of injustice is stimulated and it becomes easy to rise in outrage against the sinners. In the process we ourselves suffer from our own self-created anger and perhaps hate. This process then becomes a habit and an inner pattern we begin to repeat, not only when we encounter scenes of global peacelessness, but the moment someone in the family or at office does something similar. A panic button is pressed and we react with the same pattern.

What we forget in both global and local contexts, is the history and geography of karma. Every scene and situation has a variety of related causes in both time (history) and space (geography) e.g. emotions of hatred and revenge amongst various countries and religions (in different parts of the world) and the actions connected with these emotions has underlying hidden causes, related to the Law of Karma (Law of Cause and Effect) which go back sometimes to hundreds of years – X is doing something with Y because Y had done something similar with X sometime in the past, but in different physical costumes, sometimes quite some time back in history – this is the reason, we often fail to take these causes into consideration when viewing these negative scenes and situations, because we see the situations with a limited perspective of present physical costumes and circumstances.

(To be continued tomorrow …)
Message for the day 26-11-2018

Be free from desire and you’ll be free from anger too.

Checking:When the ideas that you have offered are being rejected, check what kind of feelings you are having. Is there any irritation or anger? Where there is either of these it indicates that there is a desire for what you have said to be fulfilled.

Practice: When you are giving your ideas, just tell yourself that your idea is just for the good of all, if it is accepted by all it’s good. Even if it isn’t it is nothing to get upset about. When there is no consciousness of ‘it has to happen’, you’ll find yourself free from anger.

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