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Even the impossible becomes possible

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Even the impossible becomes possible

Accept Change, Don’t Resist It (Part 3)

With reference to yesterday’s message, the third power shared by the Brahma Kumaris to the businessman was the power to let go of all the memories of past negative events. He was advised to take out time to indulge in pure service – share all that he had learnt at the Brahma Kumaris with one person everyday. He made a principle of his life called Each One Teach One Each Day. This became his hobby. All the past negative incidents that were reducing his ability to perceive positively a negative situation and accepting it were pushed back and forgotten. He became a new person, from one with a negative past to one with a fresh mind eager to fill new positive experiences in itself. This would help him in crossing an uncertain present and constructing a positive future.

Also, another power to achieve success in the change of perception and then accept was the power to think correctly based on beliefs based on spiritual truths. E.g. the belief – I will be unable to emerge victorious over this negative event in my life was replaced by – Every negative situation is a blessing to achieve significant transformation in the self. This is not possible without the existence of the negative event. These spiritual truths were a part of the complete spiritual knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris which is in the form of a week-long, an hour per day, introductory study course. This course was undertaken by the businessman.

The last power was the power of an everyday morning input of holistic and pure knowledge after the week-long introductory course was undertaken. This was taken at the centre of the Brahma Kumaris, which as discussed earlier, went a long way in creating a positive environment inside his mind. It was an environment full of positive perceptions. As a result, negative circumstances became easy to face.

Message for the day 09-09-2019

Even the impossible becomes possible with determination and there is sure success.

Expression: The one who is determined is the one who never gives up in adverse situations. He is able to use all the challenges as a means for self-progress. He is never deterred with situations which seem difficult to handle, but is able to creatively bring out new ideas that help him to cross over the obstacles with ease.

Experience: Determination brings confidence in me and in my ability to achieve what I set out to achieve. I am able to remain confident and sure of my own success. This confidence gives me the encouragement not to let go half way through, but to do something till the end. With each obstacle that comes my way that seems to deter me from my path, I find myself improving and progressing, making myself better and better. So I am able to experience success constantly.

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