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Mercy means to give support to the ones

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Mercy means to give support to the ones

True Essence of Raksha Bandhan (Part 2)

Purity and Protection of the Self

Raksha Bandhan means a bond of protection. We need protection from all that is causing us harm or pain. All the terror and damage that we see happening in the world on a physical level is a result of emotional turbulence. A soul with deep thoughts of lust will indulge in rape; a soul with greed will indulge in theft; a soul with aggression will indulge in violence. The 5 vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego are the causes of emotional suffering of the soul, and when these come out into action we cause harm to others too. Each soul needs to protect itself from ego, lust, anger, irritation, jealousy, obsession, greed, hatred, hurt, attachment, criticism, domination, manipulation … the list is long. To protect ourselves we need to inculcate purity of thoughts, words and actions by using our seven qualities – purity, peace, love, happiness, power, knowledge and bliss.

To create and radiate our pure qualities, we need to promise our self a life of Daily Discipline –
(1) Gyan – Study of spiritual knowledge to fill our self with pure information
(2) Yoga – Meditation and Connection with God to empower our self
(3) Dharna – Using spiritual principles in our way of living and working
(4) Seva – Giving and serving others emotionally and physically
(5) Satvik (pure) eating and drinking habits

The divine festival of Raksha Bandhan teaches us the connection of Purity, Promise and Protection. Tomorrow we will see the spiritual significance of every ritual of Raksha Bandhan.

Message for the day 14-08-2019

Mercy means to give support to the ones who are helpless.

Expression: A negative situation or a person who is in need and is helpless usually stimulates feelings of unhappiness or sorrow. At such a time it becomes very difficult to maintain a positive state of mind. But real mercy is that which gives support through the positive state of one’s mind. The more there is the feeling of happiness, others too can be brought to that state of happiness and joy.

Experience: When I am able to remain happy even in negative situations, I am able to maintain my internal state of calm. And this is the best frame of mind where I am able to see things objectively and in a detached way and I am able to make the right decisions. So I find myself becoming a source of support.

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