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The best comparison is the comparison with oneself.

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The best comparison is the comparison with oneself.

Be The Change That God Wants To See (Part 2)

Whenever you perform any action or speak a few words or even create a thought, ask yourself, will this thought, word or action be liked by God or not? Then create the thought or speak the word or perform the action. It’s as if God is like a role model whom I have to follow and keep in mind in the complete day. This can be called as following the footsteps of God. Such a person’s life is then filled with a lot of praise from people around them. Their words, actions and personality are a source of inspiration for others and by making God a role model for themselves; they become role models for others. God fills such clean souls with specialties that help in revealing God to the whole world and bringing people close to God. Other people will come close to God but souls who are like God in their actions become the mediums for bringing them close. Remember, initially people may find it difficult to come close to God because they are in awe of Him. Souls who are already close to God and to whom God has revealed Himself completely, will through their similarity in qualities with God, show them the way. This is not something to be proud of, but it is a bond of pure love with other souls and our duty to bring the lost ones and tie them in an eternal relationship with their spiritual parent – the Supreme. We need to make sure that they not only experience love and joy from Him but also go on to share that love and joy with others. It’s a beautiful feeling when one is able to bring someone close to God, who is the spiritual parent of humanity. Also, God wants to see the whole world family united by the thread of His love.

So, whenever you look at someone, whom you meet, remind yourself that you have a duty towards that person, which has been given to you by God. The duty means making the other person an extremely close companion of God. That is the most beautiful bond of many lifetimes and something which every human being has longed for many times in the journey of birth and rebirth.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 12-02-2020

The best comparison is the comparison with oneself.

Expression: The one who is comparing oneself with what he was and seeing how he can improve or how he has improved is the one who is constantly bringing about progress in his own life. On the contrary the one who is comparing himself with others is the one who is constantly finding excuses and leaving behind the opportunities that he gets for bringing about a change.

Experience: When I am free from excuses and free from comparison with others, I am able to be light even in the most challenging circumstances. I am not caught up with my own mistakes or those of others, but am able to constantly add on to my treasure store of experiences and be richer and richer with every new challenge faced.

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