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To consider oneself an instrument of God is to be light

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To consider oneself an instrument of God is to be light

Accept Change, Don’t Resist It (Part 2)

Taking the message further from yesterday’s example of a businessman who resisted change, accepting a difficult situation wasn’t easy in his case. This is a case of a person who benefitted from the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris. He was given a five point spiritual power formula to implement. The five powers helped him reshape his perception into a positive one. As a result he accepted a difficult situation.

The first power was the power to transform one’s thoughts as per one’s own desires using the power of meditation. Rajyoga meditation, as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, is a connection between two minds – your own mind and the Supreme source of spiritual power – God. He is invisible to the physical eyes but visible to the eye of spiritual wisdom or what we call third eye. This connection causes spiritual energy in its purest form to be absorbed from God. It flows into one’s sanskaras and changes the sanskara of thinking negatively.

The second power was the power to discriminate between negative and positive information that one is exposed to throughout the day. Very often a negative piece of information received from the daily newspaper can make the perception of a negative situation full of confusion and a lack of clarity. This can cause us to become emotionally weakened. So, the businessman was given a simple advice – read the newspaper in the afternoon or evening and not the first thing in the morning. At that time, the mind is not so fresh and the absorption capability of the sub-conscious mind is lower than what it is during the morning.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 08-09-2019

To consider oneself an instrument of God is to be light.

Expression: To be an instrument of God means to allow God’s qualities to flow through one’s life. It means to be available for God’s task to happen. The ones who considers himself to be an instrument neither has ego of the work that is done through him nor has he any difficulty in dealing with situations. He is able to do everything well and with ease.

Experience: When I am an instrument of God, I am able to remain light even while being responsible. Being an instrument I would naturally consider myself responsible for God’s task to be done through me. Also since I am God’s instrument, I feel the responsibility of making myself more and more beautiful.

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