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To end waste means to be free from defeat.

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To end waste means to be free from defeat.

True Essence of Raksha Bandhan (Part 1)

Bond of Protection

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated between sisters and brothers, a bond of purity and protection. The rituals followed earlier were different from today. Earlier every family had a priest, who was invited home for prayers and purification of vibrations. The priest would tie a sacred thread on everyone’s wrist. This sacred thread was a thread of pledge. Each family member would promise to live a life of right actions. Gradually the ritual began to change – young girls in the family tied the sacred thread and then it changed to sisters tying the thread to their brothers.

If a brother is a child, can he protect his sister? Can a brother always be around his sister for her protection? Is it only a sister who needs protection, not brothers? Does the festival teach only physical protection or is there a deeper learning? Every festival and ritual we perform conveys a meaning. The ritual is a symbolic representation of what we the souls need to follow to lead a happy and healthy life. Raksha Bandhan is more than tying a rakhi and brother protecting the sister. The festival reminds us of the direct connection between Purity and Protection.

Tomorrow we will see how our purity is our protection.

Message for the day 13-08-2019

To end waste means to be free from defeat.

Expression: It is because of waste that I sometimes experience defeat and sometimes victory. If I am able to finish waste, I am able to finish defeat. Because whatever the situation may be, however challenging it may be, if I am able to finish waste I am able to recognise the benefit that is merged within it and so I am able to experience being constantly victorious.

Experience: When I am able to fill my positive thoughts with the power of determination, I am able to bring all my special thoughts and plans into action immediately. I am able to feel the satisfaction of bringing equality into my thoughts, words and actions. There is no feeling of helplessness, but there is only confidence and courage in doing what I am supposed to do.

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