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To have knowledge means to remain cheerful.

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To have knowledge means to remain cheerful.

Happiness Is An Inner State Of Being

We were always taught that our happiness is dependent on something or someone. When we achieve our goal or when we make people happy then we will be happy. Our focus therefore was always to make others happy, because we thought – only when they are happy, will we be happy. Very often we could be under stress, angry or in pain, but we try to make others happy. Let us remember we can take care of family and friends, do everything for them physically, but emotionally we will only be radiating pain, because we are in pain. To give happiness to them, we have to be happy within.

Let’s clean our thoughts, clear our emotional blockages and create a happy state of inner being, because only then can we radiate happiness to others. It’s not – we will be happy, when they are happy; truth is – if we are happy then we will give happiness to them.

Let’s check how many times today we say I will be happy when ….. and change it to I am happy while …. Work towards creating your own happiness independent of the outcome.

Message for the day 10-09-2019

To have knowledge means to remain cheerful.

Expression: The one who has the right understanding based on accurate knowledge is the one who is able to remain content even during difficult situations. Since there is a clear understanding about situations and the people around, there is no difficulty in giving the best under all circumstances. Such a person uses all challenges to enrich his own capabilities.

Experience: When I am able to use knowledge as a weapon in a positive way, I am able to understand everything that happens. I understand that there is a reason for whatever happens and there is something to learn from every situation. So I am not upset with the varied situations I am faced with, but am able to remain cheerful enjoying everything that comes my way.

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