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True love for others enables them to be free from their weaknesses.

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True love for others enables them to be free from their weaknesses.

A Journey Into The Inner Consciousness (Part 3)

Our consciousness is open and vulnerable enough to contain something as joyful as the fragrance of a rose to something as tragic as a war story. Hence, it becomes important to keep the information that we have in our minds to be consciously ordered. Our intentions can help act as a magnet here, moving our attention away from negative thoughts and emotions. Therefore, the information that we allow into our consciousness becomes extremely important. It is, in fact, what determines the content and quality of our lives.

Attention is also an important aspect towards building a positive state of consciousness. Information enters our consciousness either because we intend to give attention to it, or as a result of a sheer personal or socially developed habit.
 For example, when we are driving down the highway, we fail to notice so many cars. But sometimes we notice a particular vehicle, perhaps because it’s moving directions unsteadily between lanes. This image enters the focus of our consciousness. Once we have been able to identify the situation on the basis of our own experience, we can then evaluate if this is something to worry about. If the answer is yes, we then decide on the appropriate action, which could be speeding up or slowing down, changing lanes or stopping. Therefore, attention is very important to recover the right references from memory, to assess the situation and then to choose the right thing to do. If we are in control of our consciousness, we will focus attention only where it is required and not get affected by distractions. This selective approach can help us in enjoying the normal course of our daily life. At this point, we will only radiate a pure glow of energy. And despite past difficulties and the intensity of our present lives, we will relish thoroughly every minute of it. Hence attention can be used in many ways, ways that can make life either rich or miserable.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 02-12-2019

True love for others enables them to be free from their weaknesses.

Expression: The sign of good wishes is that the negativity is not described to anyone else. When there is true love for the other person and there is a desire to see them improve, their negativity is not repeated again and again to oneself or to others. There is also genuine love and concern revealed in the words and so it helps the other person recognise his own specialities and he is encouraged to use them for his own benefit.

Experience: My desire for perfection enables me to become a source of support and encouragement for the other person, when I am able to see their strengths and relate to these strengths and specialities. Under no circumstance do I give others an experience of negativity or discouragement. I also get the love and good wishes from others as a return for what I have given.

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