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when you have the faith that you are victorious.

when you have the faith that you are victorious.

A Journey To Happiness Or A Journey Of Happiness (Part 1)?

We commonly express the following incorrect words in our everyday interactions – Wait till I achieve this particular goal, whether it be a promotion, success in a particular exam, marriage, retirement, a birth of a child or an end of a difficult situation and I will be happy.Why are all of these incorrect words? Aren’t these all life is all about? Isn’t calling all of them incorrect unnatural? Try remembering a single moment in your life without these and you will be left wondering. It is important to realize the futility of waiting for goals to be achieved and then becoming happy. So it is good to introspect that is it a journey to happiness or is it a journey of happiness? The wait for happiness is futile because one goal is followed by another challenge; the challenge is followed by another unexpected phase, leaving us without any moments to experience our desired happiness amidst so many uncomfortable pressure points. 

Happiness can be defined as a state of being created, while working towards a goal, not a feeling to be experienced after achieving the goal. This is simply because life is a journey with a series of goals, sometimes one after the other and sometimes with two or even more than two goals co-existing with each other. So should one anxiously wait for the goals to be achieved or should one take the wait for goals to be achieved, in one’s stride accepting it as an integral part of our life journey. For very long, we have associated happiness with achievement and this has become an integral part of our modern day belief system, as the speed of life has become faster and more challenging with each day. We suggest a change in this ideology and associate happiness with experiencingeach day – (i) experiencing creative ideas (ii) experiencing your strengths, specialties and skills by bringing them in action. (iii) experiencing beautiful relationships with the self, with God and with others. (iv) experiencing goodness and beautiful virtues and giving others the experience of the same. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 
Message for the day 17-04-2019

You can maintain your courage when you have the faith that you are victorious.

Contemplation:To believe that you are victorious is to give yourself the wings and the strength to fly. With just this belief you will have the courage to work on your obstacles with ease and win over them. 

Application: Before you restart anything that you had failed in before or even when you start a new important task, make sure you tell yourself that you are victorious. Remind yourself again and again that ‘victory is your birthright’. This thought will give you the courage to succeed. 

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